Am I the only one that thinks there’s a sudden Harry Potter hype?

Like, the HP fandom’s constantly present, but lately we are like everywhere, all the time, reminding people we exists… and everyone’s in it.

"So you weren’t telling the truth."

"Please. I mean, we do make a good team. But don’t let our cover go to that big old head of yours.” 

"I didn’t."





I drew a thing for my awesome buddy sixoclocksaint! I couldn’t decide which I liked better so here’s both! 

Bucky and Steve being adorkable, what else is new :P

This is the most adorkable post-Winter Soldier piece of fanart I’ve seen, and I love it!



Proud to be a part of the Marvel universe. Take a look at this special piece from SDCC. Take it away, Guardians

I’m just gonna watch this about forty-seven times in a row now…

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