The “What is Anatomy?” sketchdump featuring Thor, Loki and Sif
(One or two references are taken from italian statues (old italian artists are insane! wow))

Things I’m a sucker for: layers and matching lipstick. #purple #autumn #fall #fashion #outfit #lipstick #girl #nightout #selfie

Things I’m a sucker for: layers and matching lipstick. #purple #autumn #fall #fashion #outfit #lipstick #girl #nightout #selfie

"The best thing about writing fiction is that moment where the story catches fire and comes to life on the page, and suddenly it all makes sense and you know what it’s about and why you’re doing it and what these people are saying and doing, and you get to feel like both the creator and the audience. Everything is suddenly both obvious and surprising… and it’s magic and wonderful and strange."
Neil Gaiman (via aquestionofcharacter)


Role reversals and parallels - 1x01, 1x17, 2x04

In season one, Coulson firmly believes that taking a life is not an option, whereas May is the one who is willing to make the hard calls if the situation requires it. In season two, Coulson would rather die than be driven to madness the way Garrett was by GH-325, while May is the one fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But some things never change. Coulson still believes in saving people and May is still focused on protecting him. It’s just that now, Coulson thinks that death may be the best way to save himself. And now, May is no longer going behind his back, but rather trusting him and his orders, which is why she ultimately respects his wishes and agrees to kill him as a last resort, even though it’s not something she ever wants to do.


jim gordon: be strong
[bruce grows up to be batman]
jim gordon: i meant emotionally

  • leo: man I felt like such a third wheel when I went on that quest with Jason and Piper
  • percy: dude you have no idea how it was on my quest with Hazel and Frank. I mean everybody knew they liked each other.
  • grover:
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